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That’s a deep question… April 2, 2015

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While driving with my Rhino at my side, she was quietly looking out the window at the rain coming down. She finally turns to me and asks, “Are you wet when you’re under water, because you don’t feel wet until you come out?”.

Is the dress Gold and White or Black and Blue? February 27, 2015

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As everyone is debating the colors of this overnight question, and probably getting into a debate/argument/divorce/feud over the answer with someone else, I decided to break this one down.

Yes, my wife and I differed in our answers like most people. So I downloaded the image and decided to take it to the Oracle of all image questions, Adobe Photoshop®.

Luckily, I tried to manually build the color blue I was seeing within a separate file by comparing it to the dress image on screen in a separate window. She didn’t believe me that it wasn’t the white she was seeing. So then I zoomed into the dress image and magically, it seemed to change colors for her when I zoomed in enough to only show one of the colors at a time (either the blue or the gold).

Next I used the magic wand tool to remove the gold parts of the dress and it would instantly change to the white to blue. The gold also appeared to change shades when I removed the blue parts. To me, I never saw even a slight difference in the colors while obsessively pressing the undo keystrokes. To her it seemed almost like a strobe effect of the coloring flipping back and forth.

Then I tried to make my own image of alternating bars of gold and blue. Took a few tries until I got the right shade of blue that would appear white to her. Then did the same of removing one color or the other and she stated it kept changing.

Best I can guess, it either has to do with a physiological difference in each person’s rods and cones on how they perceive the color or it is a deeper way on how the brain is able to decipher that information that is received. Either way, it’s definitely not the same for everyone.

But to answer the question, the computer doesn’t lie when you start taking color samples and remove the brain from the equation. Blue and Black wins, although personally, I do see the hint of gold in the black. ;)

Here’s the images broken down. I pinky promise not a single one of these images has had the color manipulated in any way. As with all science, run the experiment for yourself. I can always use the peer-reviews.

Dress with Gold parts

The original dress as downloaded. Dress with just the blue removed. Dress with just the gold removed.

Blue and Gold barsGold barsBlue bars
Blue and gold bars together, Just the gold bars. Just the blue bars.
Blue and Gold single bars
Still don’t believe me? Place your hand over the screen and cover one of the colors to see if it changes for you (does for my wife).

Ok, the one of you with the defective rods/cones or perception must grant the other one a wish of their choosing. Choose wisely!

Penn State MacAdmins Conference 2012 May 3, 2012

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I’m honored to represent my University as a speaker at this years MacAdmins Conference being hosted by Penn State University. I’ll be making a post in the near future, that will be a rehash of my presentation, “Automate Boot Camp Installation using BitTorrent”.

But for those that attended, here is the link for the main installer script that would need some modification to suit your environment. These scripts will need to be modified for your environment, especially the sections referenced in the presentation of the win7_installer.sh and winclone.perl pieces.

Click here to download the Windows Installer scripts and presentation.

As usual, please test, test, test. Not responsible if you blow up your director’s Mac and he sends you to Siberia.

Reminder for Tasks (or How I survive by using my external brain pack) October 12, 2011

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Yay! Apple just saved me $8, hard earned cash. I was teetering on the edge of dropping huge cash, the previously mentioned 8 dineros, on an app called IMExchange2, and Apple’s Reminder app totally fills the void in my life of managing tasks on Exchange.

Sorry to the developer of IMExchange2, but then again, not too sorry. If the price would have been in a bit more of a normal range, they would have had a customer.

Why Gmail is awesome! August 3, 2010

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Scene: Hacking out an email today via Gmail.

Me: *click send*

Gmail: “Are you sure you want to send the email? Gmail notices that you typed ‘please see attached file’, but there is no file attached.”

Me: “You’re right Gmail. Forgot my attachment. Thanks.”

Gmail: “You’re welcome, Bryan.”

Me: “Well played Gmail, well played. And a little spooky, that you’re reading my email.”

iPad not as hot as I thought April 6, 2010

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After overhearing a student complaining that the iPad he’d just purchased had overheated on him while hanging around outside on-campus (This being day one after release), decided to do a little testing.

I left an iPad in direct sunlight, shiny side up (aluminum), when the ambient air temperature was 85°F, for roughly 20 minutes.

Not on. Not running any apps.

Got the following error:
iPad needs to cool down before you can use it.

The iPad definitely doesn’t like anything resembling warm weather. Apple is apparently forcing it to abide by the operating specs of a maximum temperature of 95°F. http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/

iPad overheating

Overall, I’ve been quite surprised with the little device. It has outperformed the iPhone, hands down. Even typing on the full-size keyboard is easier than I’d ever imagined.

I am wondering how any students could possibly use it on our campus though. I see the iPad easily going over the 95°F mark, just riding in a students backpack between classes, especially during the summer months. Not only do we consistently pass the 95°F mark, but the humidity hangs around 100%. If you get thirsty enough, you could almost drink the air. Can’t wait to see a humidity warning next, once it surpasses Apple’s specs.

Maybe Weed… December 9, 2009

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While watching a Pink Floyd concert with Rhino that my Tivo had graciously grabbed for me, she was listening to me espound about the time I saw them in 1994 at Death Valley stadium.

Nine-year old Rhino eventually asked “Are they on grass?”

After my curious look, she responded, “They are in a football stadium, aren’t they on grass?”

How old will you be when you realize you’re dead? October 2, 2009

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While having a discussion with Rhino about the fact that I didn’t realize how many years had passed after the death of my Father, she offered this nugget of wisdom.

“Yeah, time really flies by. I was almost seven before I knew I’d been born.”

Baking: Where you get to eat your mistakes September 24, 2009

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Expanding from Mac-Tech and Rhinoisms to cake-making in this post.

Over the years, I’ve made several different birthday cakes for the kids that required extra commitment to finish. I haven’t done this for every birthday, it’s more of a treat. Anyway, thought I’d share some photos of a few of them in case anyone is looking for some ideas. The wife is currently already putting in a request for a “Twilight Cake” for her next birthday. If this happens, I’ll probably post it also.

Photo Booth is a freaky little application September 3, 2009

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While working on a simple web-cam setup for one of our areas as a temporary measure until the real setup gets put in place, I ran into several odd issues.

The strangest being Photo Booth. We won’t even go into the long road of details on how I wound up using Photo Booth or the fact that I had issues with isightcapture on a Mac Mini running Tiger and had to resort to a sad little, hacked together AppleScript.

My discovery (thanks to a co-worker, since I’d have never thought of this) was that Photo Booth forces you to either have a monitor or a video adapter connected to a PowerPC Mac Mini or else the application refuses to take pictures.


The only, and I mean only, thing that I can possibly rationalize is that Photo Booth makes the screen flash white (like a flash bulb) and must have some requirement for a screen to be attached.

Really Apple, what in Hades name could you have possibly been thinking? This ought to be an interesting bug report when they get it.