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iPhone 3.0 Thoughts, Bugs & Complaints June 18, 2009

Posted by bigmaconcampus in Mac Tech.
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Ok, after playing with the new iPhone/iPod Touch 3.0 OS, I’ve come across a few items.

Let me temper those with saying, so far, I do like the new version. Three major items have been missing from my iPhone life (since I also use a Blackberry with work).

1. Searching email (I do this regularly)
2. Reading email in landscape (I receive far too many html emails that I can’t easily read on the iPhone)
3. Cut/Copy/Paste (Everyone’s been waiting for this one. That was my original surprise and complaint on the very 1st version of the iPhone software and it’s been a long wait)

All of these were solved with version 3.0, thankfully.

I’m still wondering just how many undos I can actually do on the device. I’ve tested it up to 3 times and got bored.


The bugs (and one complaint) I’ve seen so far:

1. Syncing Notes: First, it took me and another techie co-worker a few guesses to figure out just WHERE the notes would sync. I eventually guessed right that it would try to stick it in the Notes section of the Mail.app (which sucks since we tend to use Entourage here, not that I like Entourage). Mail in turn won’ t let you even open the Application without setting up an email account. Then the original syncing wouldn’t work until my co-worker figured out that a note had to be created within the Mail.app before any syncing would occur. It must need the file where notes are stored created on the computer first even though there are items on the device beforehand. This a bug in my book.

2. iPhone wants to “Backup” constantly: I’ve synced several times in the past day and already the I’m having bad flashbacks to the switch from Version 1 to 2 of the iPhone OS. That version ALWAYS wanted to do a backup of the device which usually took an hour for a simple sync. Apple eventually fixed this with an update, but it seems to be happening again in an only lesser form. Grrrrrrr.


The only complaint I’ve had so far is Apple not allowing iPhone 2G to use the tethering. People have been doing this for 2 years on jailbroken phones, so I know it’s technically feasible. Can’t think of a rationale for not allowing it other than AT&T complaining that the EDGE network couldn’t handle it. Double-Grrrrrrr.