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iPad not as hot as I thought April 6, 2010

Posted by bigmaconcampus in Mac Tech.
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After overhearing a student complaining that the iPad he’d just purchased had overheated on him while hanging around outside on-campus (This being day one after release), decided to do a little testing.

I left an iPad in direct sunlight, shiny side up (aluminum), when the ambient air temperature was 85°F, for roughly 20 minutes.

Not on. Not running any apps.

Got the following error:
iPad needs to cool down before you can use it.

The iPad definitely doesn’t like anything resembling warm weather. Apple is apparently forcing it to abide by the operating specs of a maximum temperature of 95°F. http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/

iPad overheating

Overall, I’ve been quite surprised with the little device. It has outperformed the iPhone, hands down. Even typing on the full-size keyboard is easier than I’d ever imagined.

I am wondering how any students could possibly use it on our campus though. I see the iPad easily going over the 95°F mark, just riding in a students backpack between classes, especially during the summer months. Not only do we consistently pass the 95°F mark, but the humidity hangs around 100%. If you get thirsty enough, you could almost drink the air. Can’t wait to see a humidity warning next, once it surpasses Apple’s specs.



1. Peter V - April 7, 2010

Just wondering , was it charging at the tim e?

bigmaconcampus - April 7, 2010

Nope, just sitting in the sun, in sleep mode. Hoping Apple will realize the issue and raise the threshold in a software update.

2. jvpokc - April 7, 2010

Apple iPad is one of the most anticipated announcements of this year. Like any other web tablet, the Apple iPad more focus on internet and multimedia. We can call iPad as a bigger version of Apple iPhone and iPod. The device includes an enhanced version of Apple iPhone OS (3.2). iPad can almost any any application that iPhone can run with a few minor changes to the application.

3. jvpokc - April 7, 2010

It gives almost life like feeling when reading the book on this application. Another setback is that there is no camera in the iPad so no video recording available. Accelerometer of the device is great and you can have fun playing games o this device. It has Bluetooth connectivity. iPad is available in Black and White colour combination. The Apple device is not flash enabled so flash based website won’t open in iPad.

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